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Company Overview:

The Company was established in 2004 and is the Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) Contracting division of Mesopotamia Group of Companies with offices in London, Basrah and Dubai. BECO works in close affiliation with the groups other operating divisions, working in most major sectors, including Oil & Gas, Marine, Telecommunications, Security, Finance, Education & Training and General Trade.

The company delivers client satisfaction on the strength of a first-class construction arm of Mesopotamia Group. We value our professional staff, quality of work, exceptional work safety record, good reputation and high environmental standards.

With over a decade of experience, our continued expansion and fast growth is attributed to our high standards in the delivery of our work and good reputation built up over the years with effective allocation of resources via our high profile companies, partners and clients including Shell, British Petroleum (BP), Eni, ExxonMobil, NGOs including United Nations Development Program (UNDP) , CPA, NCA and various Governmental institutions.

We have successfully and consistently achieved the highest quality of work in Commercial, Government and Investment contracts in the following fields:

  1. EPC construction and infrastructure turnkey projects
  2. EPC Pipeline Installation
  3. Water supply, sewage and sanitation systems, networks and plants
  4. Power Generation
  5. Oil & Gas production facilities
  6. Earth & Road works
  7. Mechanical maintenance and provisions


  • To continue to be a world class construction contractor, offering performance and safety without compromise to services.
  • To continue to serve the world society, focusing on the Iraq market in execution of their respective missions and contribute towards building a prosperous future for Iraq and its people.


  • To continue to satisfy the expectations of our stakeholders, shareholders, customers, employees and society.
  • To assist and continue to build strong working partnerships with NGOs, we are particularly proud of our charitable arm of Mesopotamia Group comprising of Iraq University College, Mesopotamian Cultural Association and Basrah Society for Social & Civic Development.
  • To continue to benefit and utilise the Group’s training and education arm via the University of Iraq College, its Consultancy Bureau and ‘Engineering & Management Service Centers’ and to build strong links with other academic institutions for the creation of highly professional strategic studies and expertise.
  • To continue to strengthen our competitiveness by continuously improving our cost effectiveness.
  • To continue to adopt a “one big family” business philosophy and a shared sense of purpose.
  • To continue to focus our value on trust, dedication and performance
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