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Quality, Health, Safety and Environment Policy

  • The Company has its own Integrated QHSE (Quality, Health, Safety, Enviromental and Security) Management System that is based on ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001 standards. Management assures that the Integrated QHSE Management System is understood, applied and executed as the company culture.
  • Management recognizes that QHSE is the integral part of actions performance that will receive foremost priority over all other activities.
  • Management & personnel at all levels, is committed to achieving a high level of QHSE Performance by means of compliance with the local legal requirements as the minimum level to be achieved, of continuous cost-effective improvement, awareness of risk from our undertakings and of the importation of risk from others.
  • Implementation of this policy will be through (but not limited to) information, instruction, training and supervision of management whose responsibilities include the duty to consult, communicate and encourage the active participation of every employeein the promotion, achievement and maintenance of the integrated QHSE Management System Standards and procedures.
  • The Company provides sufficient funds available to meet all reasonably practical costs in respect to management, supervision, quality of the job and employee health and safety requirements, environment and security.
  • Every employee of has to fulfill his/her personal responsibility in any activity and operation ın order to comply with Quality, Safety, Health, Environmental and Security requirements according to Integrated QHSE management System of the company.
  • Our basic principle is to achieve absolute education satisfaction and to provide the best possible value with reliable and efficent service.
  • The essential duty and responsibility of each and every employeeis to take appropriate care for the health and safety of themselves, and of fellow workers and any other persons who may be affected by his or her actions and work.
  • The Company accepts its responsibility for the direct and indirect effects of its activities on the environment. Itis fully committed to conduct its activities in a manner which minimizes the risk of pollution and environmental impact thereby safeguarding and enhancing the environment for the future generations.
  • All employees are committed to provide appropriate security actions for saving the private property, protect ability from any outer effects and information received during the performance of employee duties. Under the circumstances of any disturbance of any subject under security protection, each person takes their own responsibility for the disturbance issue.
  • The Company fully understands its social responsibilities; and it plays an active role in the community regeneration both locally and nationally through its charitable works, scholarships, sponsorships and internships and other incentives in order to improve society.
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