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The company is very proud of its community & regeneration projects in United Kingdom and Iraq and we hope to continue to work towards creating an empowered and peaceful society that works for public good through our charitable activities and through continuing our partnerships with our affiliates.

As such the company works in association with the groups charity, Mesopotamian Cultural Association (MCA); which is a registered charity under the charity registration number 1068310 and is subject to the laws and regulation of the United Kingdom.

MCA in accordance with its mandate in the form of the charity’s legally governing document its constitution and charitable activities as disclosed annually in the Annual Returns to the Charity Commission for England and Wales; has undertaken the following charitable activities in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Iraq:

1 Education and studies Providing teaching and training services in various subjects through its affiliation with the groups affiliated education institutes.
2 Research and social area policy recording Lead the capabilities of research and development for useful scientific outcomes, follow the scientific research approach in comprehension and awareness and Participate in scientific research and publication in Middle East and United Kingdom.
3 Training and capacity building for NGOs Establish training workshops in association with NGOs. To improve the capabilities of the NGOs in Middle East for Organization Management, Human Rights, Information Technology (IT)
4 English and Arabic language courses Providing beginner to advanced level English and Arabic language courses at various institutions
5 Charitable donations Providing gift and aid relief to orphans and those suffering from poverty. MCA currently provides gift aid to over 1550 persons in Iraq
6 Cultural and social activities Fundraising events celebrating diversity, organizing charity dinners, events, conferencing, sponsoring and organizing football for youth, cultural Arts and crafts events. Arrange cultural seminars. Establish humanitarian research centre.
7 Positive integration Positive integration between European and Middle East societies and communities to tackle isolation in the community and to establish further needs of the society and encourage individuals to participate in positive integration and empowerment.
8 Health Awareness Workshops & Health Education Providing medical and health advice, awareness and Education.
9 Awareness raising Focusing on the Iraqi needs and culture, organizing demonstration’s to fight against terrorism.
10 IT Courses Computer classes for adult and young learners, providing basic and advanced level IT courses to encourage and assist youth and adults into work.


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